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Telling truth, the food and beverage manufacturers are not always honest about what is in their products. The fruit juice available at the supermarket may not be what you expect, even if it’s confirmed as “100% pure” and “not from concentrate.” After being squeezed from the fruit, the juice is usually stored in massive oxygen-depleted holding tanks sometime for a year before it is packaged. The main problem with this method is that it tends to remove most of the flavor, so the manufacturers need to add so-called artificial flavor to the juice, to bring back the flavor that was lost during processing. So even if you’re buying the highest quality juices at the supermarket by paying more money, they are still far from their original state. Some of the lowest quality ones don’t even resemble fresh-squeezed fruit juice at all they are basically just fruit-flavored sugar water not good for healthy life. Therefore it’s much better if you prepare your juice at home.
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